Online Challenge Finalist Announcement

When and where can we expect to see online challenge finalists and winners?

They will be announced here on the forum, hopefully this week. They were supposed to be announced Saturday, but they probably are behind on the judging process.

The competition season interfered with final judge tallies. The Finalists should be posted by Tuesday.

Have the finalists been posted and where can they be viewed?

The finalists do not appear to have been posted yet.

Last year when they announced the finalists, it was right here on the forums and you would also be able to see the Top 10 entries on the online challenge website. I assume they will be doing the same thing this year, so just keep waiting for them to appear on the forums. It should be sometime today, from my understanding.

So it’s Tuesday almost Wednesday? Lol!

should be :wink:

Rick loves prolong the suspense!

Ah, but which Tuesday did he mean? :rolleyes:

I guess pick one lol

At last, one of you figures it out.

will the winners still be announced on March 3rd?

Does anyone know when the winners of the online challenges will be announced? I’m guessing they will be pushed back, just like the finalists.


Oh, laughing out loud. Just posted the same question below! Hopefully someone will answer.


The announcement for the winners will be announced 3/3/15. But we can probably expect them to be pushed back around two-three days.

Mr. Rick Tyler,

Can you confirm the date?


Diea Dux

And if you could specify the hour, we would appreciate it. Can’t wait to see the results :smiley: