Online Challenge Finalists Discussion Thread

@JaniceMiller 's thread was locked, discuss!

Personally, I’m quite excited, because I’m one of the finalists for the website design challenge

You should all thank Janice. Her’s is a tough job.

I want to thank @JaniceMiller because she was able to answer ALL online challenge questions in the forums.
I’m a finalist as well in the CAD Challenge so I can’t say I’m not excited too!

SAME - without her answers to my last minute questions, I doubt I would have the guts to enter! I’m so glad I did - I’m a finalist in the storybook contest. :slight_smile:

The Texas Instruments Electronics challenge entries are looking really good this year!

Yes, @JaniceMiller was fantastic when in regard to answering my questions and organizing such a big thing. I can’t imagine its easy to get all the Judges together to make their decisions, we had trouble even getting 6 for our tournament. I must commend you!

Of course, thank you Ms. Miller, and thank you to all of the judges for selecting my educational video as a finalist! I was quite surprised to see it, as I know it has some great competition. My personal favorite videos were 1034A’s and 4149’s.

Thank you @JaniceMiller and all of the judges! I appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you very much for selecting my team as the finalists for the Robotics Team/Club Website challenge as well as the Electronics challenge.

Why wasn’t there any Middle School teams listed as Finalist for the “Make It Real CAD Challenge”? One prize is supposed to be awarded in each of the three divisions but only High School and University Teams made the list of Finalist.

It may be possible that there were no entries in the middle school division or the middle school entries did not meet all of the requirements, disqualifying them from moving to the finalists. If you think RECF made a mistake, you should contact @JaniceMiller

Well, maintaining it true to the thread’s subject, let discuss the online challenge finalists!
For the VRC Game Design Challenges, I thought this one was pretty creative when designing the field:

However, this game looks fairly well made.

There are very interesting finalist designs in the Make It Real CAD Challenge too.

Any questions about Online Challenges must be posted in the Online Challenges Official Q&A section on the VEX Forum in order to receive a timely answer. If you have a question about a specific entry, please message me directly. Thank you.

I’m excited; our C team is a middle school finalist for the CAD challenge.