Online Challenge Piece Design ?

In the auto desk online challenge it says that we have to design a piece that improves the robot. But if the piece is technical(Electrical) does it have to work in auto desk?
Especially if its a sensor?

There is an official Online Challenge Q&A channel on this forum. You might try posting this there.

What are the online Challenges

Pulled straight from the Online Challenges Website:

They are different projects/challenges that can be submitted in the hopes of winning prizes (generally VEX gift cards for the top three, worlds qualification for first place, but check the specific challenge pages because prizes differ depending on the challenge).

Most teams submit entries for two reasons:
a) Worlds qualification for first place
b) in order to qualify for excellence award at worlds, you must submit entries to at least two online challenges

Thank you, is it the same website every year or is it a different website every year

It’s in the same place, but slightly different web page every year. If you go to the website I have linked above, you’ll see a drop down menu labeled “Challenges.” From there you can access years prior. When we switch to the new season, I believe a new webpage is added for the new year.
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Hi MIS (a.k.a 7035)

Ok thanks