Online Challenge Plug Megathread

I figured that it would be good to start a megathread for advertising our online challenge entries before the forums are flooded with individual posts. Post a link to any challenge entries you’re particularly proud of, or give feedback on other entries.

I made a promote video for VEX that highlights some of the epic moments and legends of the competition throughout the years.

Aw man, we have a hard enough time just getting the match control towers to work. Now we have a disco floor to deal with! I’m sure the lights will be flaky. How is all that going to fit in the car? :slight_smile:

Nice job! Good animation.

I was having software issues all yesterday, so I had to say up all night to get it finished. I just finished my game design animation 20 minutes ago. I was clearly half asleep as I voiced it :slight_smile:

I’m still very proud of it since it’s my first real animation.

My team started our entry only a week before the due date, but here’s our promote award entry:

And the video itself:

Super bummed that there are entries for the VEX part CAD challenges that don’t have pictures. Would love to see them without all the hassle of downloading the .stl files.

Here is our promote award that we created for our club.

We had a lot of fun making these two entries for the online challenges!

Team: 5691 Hornet Engineering And Technology (HEAT)

If you wanna see a dinosaur fly by your screen… then click here to see it.

VRC Promote:
Motivational VRC promote video feat. Shia Labeouf

Just a reminder that voting is now open. It’s good to see that there is now a simple thumbs up instead of rating on a scale, so there will be no more troll downvotes.

I particularly enjoyed the Barricade game and the Shia Labeouf promotional video. Good work!

Can we upvote our own?

Thanks :smiley:


Unfortunately, I was one of those poor souls. I wish that I checked the presentation of the actual upload

I call it the reinforced standoff coupler. It allows teams to combine standoffs to make lighter and rigid designs with high precision without cutting structural pieces, making it completely reusable.



I designed a compact transmission clutch system to open the door for changeable gear ratios in Vex. It helps with making smooth changes between gear ratios, and avoids the wear of linear transmissions.
It replaces high-strength gear inserts, is fully compatible with Vex system and can easily be shifted with a servo.

You can view/comment/vote for it here:

Well we submitted our website so…
Check it out!

So far my favorites are the new IQ parts, the 45 degree plate for the inside / outside of C-channel supports and the metal rings that screw into standoffs. I need to look closer at the transmissions and pawl assemblies.

Lots of great stuff this year!

This is team 7983C’s classroom robot construction challenge Eraser-Bot. We are very proud of our juniors for actually making this concept happen.

This is the 3D printed part

Our club submitted our renovated website this year. We included team information, the history of the club, and helpful resources.

Online Challenge Page
Website Link

Holy crap there are a lot of animation entries this year… Doing my rounds.

Come check out the Viking Colt Robotics Website!