Online Challenge Reactions

Well, here we are. So today is the last day before the winners will be announced for the online challenges.
I guess if you guys would want to, we should share our thoughts about some of the entries before the event unfold.
And when the results are announced, we give our first reactions to whom ever won, lost, and maybe both.
With that being said, I wish everyone in all the online challenges the best of luck. (You might need it.)


Which ones do you think were pretty good in each category?

Let me first say this: I’m in the Promote VRC challenge, so I’m not going to judge that.

To be honest, I think everyone did amazing in their own category-in their own way. But my favorite one to look at was the CAD design, since there were many ideas that could be introduced in the future.

I forgot which one of those I liked, though.


I’ll take a look at the Promote VRC ones. We are IQ so I haven’t looked at VRC ones too.

As an online challenge judge , I can say that this year’s entries were amazing. Each year the quality of the entries are getting better and better, and I appreciate all of the effort that the teams put into the online challenges each year.


What are these online challenges, where do I find them?

They would be found on the online challenges website:

As finalist in the CAD online challenge, I spent a lot of time “scouting out the competition”, and I honestly feel that 5225A’s as well as 20785B’s submissions were the best. While I don’t think that 5225 was the most creative submission, the amount of documentation and presentation of it was (In my opinion) the best. 20785 had a lot of good documentation as well, especially when it came to stress testing their desgin, which is why I put them as 2nd place.


Does any one know at what time the online challenge winners will be announced?

check the website, i don’t see an actual time for tomorrow. Im sure they will try and get it out as fast as they can. We are all eager to see the winners for these online challenges including my team.

I do find it strange that they seem to have removed the list of finalists in the various categories.
Or is it just something wrong with my browser that I couldn’t see it…?

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i think they did that for all categories in the online challenges

Nope, I noticed it as well. I assume it’s the REC preparing to release the winners without accidentally leaking them.

Good luck to all of the online challenges finalists!

Alright everyone! Today’s the day!

Let’s do this!

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do you know where the winners will be posted? like on the website?

My guess is that it would be posted in the same way that the online challenge finalists are posted.

Best of luck to everybody out there waiting for the results.

Apparently 1pm CST or later… good luck everyone! Hopefully our promote winss

In the IQ Promote,there were two very good entries that I forgot what they were!!

Good luck everyone!