Online Challenge Snub

It’s all over now,

We got snubbed this year.
first our superintendent didn’t let us go to states cause of 1 inch of snow, yeah we were the only team that didn’t go…
and then at wpi signature event, we got the design award (confident we would’ve gotten excellence if we ran the right skills code ( would’ve beaten the score of the team that did win excellence, had higher ranking and won design so our notebook stuff was not bad i guess?(sorry 4478V no hard feelings)). Yeah bad feeling, Design didn’t qualify at WPI Wave…

And now with online challenges,… a college in Michigan wants to use our video as an advertisement for VEX, what’s better than that.
But i guess REC judges didn’t like our video… Got on finalist list and then got pulled off…and then lost it all together

Anyone, thoughts on our video? Not good enough?


I’m so sorry…

wow… i like it!
My students might not agree with me… but I think it is even better than my team’s submission :stuck_out_tongue:

As for what’s wrong… I don’t know… I just have that feel that this year the judges were looking for something different.

PS… I thought my kids did a good job too… but we didn’t even make it to final. Just got to accept it.

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This was honestly one of the best Promote Award entries I saw, and I’m disappointed that it didn’t win. That really stinks. I don’t think the video could be improved at all, as we know the judging for online challenges this year was…questionable. Good luck next year though! :smiley:

lol yeah i wish… We’re all seniors, this was it :confused:

Aw thanks!

yeah then idk what they want anymore. Like i’d like some constructive criticism from the judges at this point so we can see what it’s lacking

yeah nothing we can do :frowning:
hope worlds waitlist goes well

I got you. We were so close to worlds. We were one win away from finals (finals qualify), one skills point away from qualifying through double qualifications, and got 2nd in the website challenge. At least we can buy the v5 clawbot kit with the money lol.

Your video was great and I think it did definitely deserve at least finalists. However, I think you should expand upon your thoughts rather then just complaining (solely based off your tone). I understand being disappointed in the outcome, I’d be livid if the snow thing happened to me. Especially since you are in New York. At my state competition I missed out on World qualification by 1 skill point, and failed in knockouts because bad alliance partner. And I was upset about it. It truly does suck that those circumstances happened to occur. I, personally, believe you should push for change in at least in the judging criteria rather then complaining with no feedback to improve anything. Make something of it even though you’re a senior so other people don’t feel cheated out of a spot. But that’s just my opinion. Either way I support you guys cause you seem like a cool team, I wish you guys luck. Sorry if I came across as a condescending meanie or whatever. Gotta keep it civil.


RIP. I was hoping you guys would qualify through the challenge. I’m glad I met you all at wpi you guys were cool people and a great alliance!

That’s a shame. After hearing your story at WPI, I was really hoping you guys would do well. At least you got design at a signature event, that’s something most teams could only dream of, even if it doesn’t qualify for any competitions.

This has always been one of my biggest criticisms of the RECF and VEX. It’s hard to learn from your mistakes when you aren’t allowed to know what your mistakes are. Implementing this wouldn’t be that hard either, considering judges already fill out scoring sheets, complete with notes.


I’m just curious, we as well had the guy from Michigan contact us about the commercial opportunity for our video. Do you know of any other teams that were asked about this?

No, I actually haven’t.

oh well… sorry for hijacking the thread…

but let’s not waste all the good non-winning promote videos… :stuck_out_tongue: