Online Challenge Winners 2013

On behalf of the REC Foundation, VEX Robotics, Autodesk, EMC Corporation, and the FUTURE Foundation, we would like to congratulate all of you who took the time to submit entries in the 2013 Online Challenge Competition.

The judges had a very difficult job. We thought 2012 was the best year ever, but this year the depth and quality of the entries was even better, which is even more amazing since the number of entries was also much higher. On behalf of all the judges, thank you for taking the time to do such great work.

The judges worked hard to evaluate your entries, and here are the winners in all seven categories. Again - congratulations to you all.

You can still see ALL the Winners, Finalists and other entries at the Online Challenge website.

Autodesk Sustainable Design Challenge

First: R-CROP
Second: Weed Terminator
Third: The BeachBot (entry 3410)

FUTURE Foundation Sustainable Design Robot Construction Challenge

First: Shad
Second: Let There Be Light!
Third: The Parts Sweeper!

**RECF Team Educational Video Challenge **

First: VEX Tournament Tips
Second: Standoffs: An Educational Video by Exothermic 10V
Third: Quick-Change Motor Mechanism

EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge

First (tie): Team 254
First (tie): Simbotics 1114
Third: 2218 Robotics UGHS

VRC Game Design Animation Challenge

First: Trough Triumph
Second: Buoy Brawl
Third: Tipping the Scales

VRC Promote Award

First: 2323Z - The VEX Experience
Second: Team 3142 - Promote Video
Third: Sweetch 1119: An Epic Journey

VEX Robotics Essay Challenge

Entry number and title:
3316 Great Experience
3342 A Life-Changing Experience
3233 Serendipity
3310 The Great and Beautiful Thing that is VEX
3088 (delta)Life
3128 A Preconceived Notion
3391 VEX: My Cornerstone
3450 Robotics Essay
3322 Vexed
3145 Autism in Our Midst