Online Challenge Winners 2019

Well today is the day that we find out if teams can secure spots at worlds. Can’t wait to see who wins those respective challenges.

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If a team that wins an online challenge earns a spot to worlds through a regional, does the worlds spot go to the second place person in the given online challenge?

No, that’s one case of double qualification that doesn’t go to skills.

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Where the winners?

Official results are out

Who won Virtual Worlds

We won virtual worlds - 8757C with our run here


Great job! Getting virtual worlds to work correctly is a feat of it’s own (or used to be)

So that’s how 574C does it! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Jacob_8757 I feel so dumb now. I was able to get everything but 2 points… but I didn’t know that the arm could extend past its initial length. Also, thank you so much for posting your RVW run, since it seems hard to find past winning runs.

But @2775Josh , you know that isn’t how 574C does their skills run, right? They simply clear a field and then drive onto another field to score more points. The reason why they haven’t gotten a 35 point run yet is because no competition in Indiana sets up five fields right next to each other, like it should be.