Online Challenge Worlds Ticket

If a team that is already qualified for worlds (ex 515r) enters and wins an online challenge that gives a worlds ticket what happens to that ticket?

I imagine it would just not apply, or it gets sent to the second team (if it’s like a bracket/leaderboard type challenge).
But if they are doing the challenge for the ticket and they’ve already qualified why would they go and get another ticket? :man_shrugging:

In their specific case showcasing their mentoring throughout the season is beneficial, not only for their public image (which is already very good, seeing as both members come from very OP teams) but also potentially for sponsorships. Having this video to give to potential sponsors would show the sponsors their money wouldn’t just be spent on a team that’s solely focused on “winning”, but also focused on bettering the community. Also, when Logan’s former team won the Website Challenge, they donated the laptops they received as the prize to a local high school, showing his commitment to giving back to the community.

Besides, they have been mentoring two middle schools this season, so wouldn’t they do the challenge? Saying they should not participate because they have already qualified for Worlds and would be “taking up a vital spot” discredits not only their efforts this season but also the effort your team needs to put in in order to win. The Online Challenge has ten spots to the World Championship itself, so it’s not like they are potentially taking up the only spot there.

And to answer your qualification question, I have absolutely no clue what would happen with the qualification spot if they are one of the ten winners, as world championship qualifications from Online Challenges are not included in the qualifying criteria. But then again, I have not checked the individual challenge page, so that may have the answer to your question.


Probably this
Where the spot would go to the highest regional skills or it’s reallocated to other events

I would expect all these “untaken” spots to be channelled to the wait list.


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