Online Challenges 2016 Winners Announcement

Wow. I have been involved with the Online Challenge program since 2009, and this year blew me away. The number of total entries nearly doubled from 2015 to 2016, and the quality continues to improve every year. The judges have more work to do, and I receive lots of judge comments that this is getting to be difficult, because of the number of great entries.

With that, we are pleased to announce the winners of the REC Foundation’s 2016 Online Challenges:

The format is: place, entry ID number, entry title, team number

Make It Real CAD Engineering Challenge, Sponsored by Autodesk
Click here to see the winning entries.

First: 2548, The VEX Belt Drive Kit, ALBA. This entry also won the “Make” bonus prize.
Second: 2545, Clutching at Straws, 5606A
Third: 2078, 3D Printed Flywheel, PUPR

EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge
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First: 1890, Viking Colt Robotics, 8931A
Second: 2203, Lynfield College Robotics Website, 2915
Third: 2400, Team 359A’s Website!, 359A

Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge
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First: 1937, 4154C Deconstruction of Panasonic Transcriber by Sierra Callwood, 4154C
Second: 2515, Disassembly of a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate (2010), 10A
Third: 2334, RMCDCM9 Refrigerated container controller, 7682

FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge
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First: 2539, Incubating with Lasers, 5606A
Second: 2292, Automated Parallel Parking Robotic Car, 91C
Third: 2514, Measurement Device , 3288A

VRC Game Design Animation Challenge
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First: 2155, MASS MAYHEM, 7682
Second: 2407, 5225A Game Animation 2016 - Prime Pool, 5225A
Third: 2074, Vex Resistor, PUJ1

VEX IQ Challenge Promote Award
Click here to see the winning entries.

First: 2564, Our VEX IQ Experience, 59
Second: 2411, Promoting VEX IQ!, 359A
Third: 2486, Team 359B VEXIQ Promote Award, 359B

VEX Robotics Competition Promote Award
Click here to see the winning entries.

First: 2527, What is Vex Robotics?, 7121
Second: 2055, Team 1138 Promote Video, 1138A
Third: 2668, Team 8900 Parallax Promote Award , 8900

RECF STEM Educational Video
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First: 2053, Team 1138’s Guide to Tournament Conduct, 1138G
Second: 2269, 4073G’s Basics and Tips to an Awesome Engineering Notebook, 4073G
Third: 2471, VEX Robotics Guide on Effective Game Analysis, 472A

VEX Robotics Photography Challenge
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1961, VEX After Hours, 481
1979, Taking STEM to New Heights, 3309B
2072, Practice to win, 1091E
1922, Hiatus Before Autonomous, 4442X
2159, Fun Robotics, 3204E
2173, I love VEX IQ, 3204E
2659, More than just a 12’ by 12’ playing field , 2252D
2722, Family , 5691B
2730, Finishing touches, 5691 X
2267, VEX at a Glance, 4073B

Congratulations to all the winners!
Especially to those who qualified for worlds through the challenges.

Where do you see the RVW winners?

I have to say that Belt Drive is extremely well done. Those few pulley and belt clamp parts would be easy for VEX to injection mold like the existing gears and pulleys we have. If they could find good sourcing for the belt itself this would be great addition to the VEX line.

I think the resistor game seems like it would be fun, but VEX would have to come up with a new method for SP. The difference of 800 vs 8000 with one ball would be way too big.

One of our fellow AZ teams haha, They are former VRC in their first year as VEXU

I honestly forgot about the challenge. I wish I hadn’t, I was planning on working on some things.

Does anyone else think its odd that no prizes were awarded to a middle school team in the CAD challenge?

I love your wire clip design. Are you going to make these available for purchase?

The Robot Virtual Worlds competition is run and judged by Robomatter. You can see their website here:

Not official of course but I believe they are still waiting on responses to the emails. The virtual worlds competition was run with usernames and emails as opposed to team numbers so people have to be contacted before winners can be announced. Everyone make sure to check your emails.

Thank you, and ill try to find out if i can print a couple dozen. Will you be at worlds or US Open?

That would be fantastic!! We’ll be at the US Open. I am one of the mentor’s for Mary Our Queen in Omaha. I’m sure we can work something out get them from you.

They would be illegal to use on a competition bot.

So if they sold them via their team website does that make them commercially available? That’s partly why I initially asked about purchasing. That’s probably a question for Karthik

Something that is currently commercially available are these wire clips. They’re adhesive, so are pretty easy to use, but I agree that it would be cool to have clips that fit onto the VEX metal’s holes.

Have the winners been released yet?

Look at the first post…

The Virtual Worlds winners are not listed there. Or at least I don’t see them.

Robot virtual worlds is hosted by robomatter, and is not done through vex. You probably have to check there website for more information.