Online Challenges and Excellence Award

My understanding is that to be eligible for the Excellence Award at Worlds a team must have first won an Excellence Award at another competition and also have entered 2 online challenges. A couple questions

  1. Are there other requirements that have to be completed before Worlds?
  2. The Online Photography contest has no team requirement and limits to one photo per individual. Would this count as one of the online challenges if one team member enters this contest?

You are correct. In order for a VRC team to be considered for Excellence at Worlds they must submit at least two Online Challenges. One of these may be the Online Photography contest. The deadline for submitting Online Challenges is January 13 at 11:59 AM. The Online Challenges may be found at

In addition to completing the Online Challenges, the team must have been awarded the Excellence Award at an official VRC Tournament or state/regional championship event this season.

Finally teams wishing to be considered for the Excellence Award at Worlds must sign up for both an Excellence interview and Design Award consideration. The team must submit an Engineering Notebook during check in at Worlds. Teams may sign up for the Excellence Award interview and Design Award consideration on the Worlds’ presubmitted awards page found at:

The presubmitted Awards deadline is March 20, 2016. 11:59:59 PM CDT.