Online challenges: Finalists


It’s no rush, but is there any eta for when the finalists will be posted again? I’m curious to see what was updated, especially on the website challenge.


Also, which challenges are being reconsidered?
I’m so confused.


Which ones had website glitches?


It seems to be that they took down all of them but the Autodesk CAD Make It Real Challenge. This leads me to believe its all but that one


Finalists will be posted tonight! We have just been verifying all of the final entries and hopefully when they repost, the website glitches will go away. Thank you for your patience!


In the VEX IQ Challenge Girl Powered Online Challenge there are two finalists who created their entries on January 16th, the deadline was not supposed to be January 15th? I’m just curious.


I noticed that too. I agree with some of their choices for the finalists but to me, a deadline requirement is very important.


The website challenge finalists are reuploaded but not fixed @tweber. The finalist page still looks practically identical to the first page of entries, and it includes a duplicate and a dummy entry.


It is truly disappointing for me to see the finalists of the VIQC promote Award and not to see my kids as finalists. I know that all the finalists gave the best of themselves, but we did too, we dedicate our holidays to the recordings and editions, because we wanted something great. And we certainly did, the video shows our robotics program to the community, which is the goal of the challenge. I don’t understand how they didn’t become finalists. This is the entry:


I understand how you feel. I’m disappointed too. One or two of the girl powered finalists were only wrote on the info page. They wrote only 4-5 paragraphs very simply and they were finalists. My team attached a 12 page comic strip that was very creative and original. My team also had over 400 votes, which was the highest in that category. I guess simplicity, lower votes and not meeting the deadline wins over hard work, creativity and details. I’ve definitely learned a lot about this process. I do appreciate the two judges on here that took the time to judge the entries.

This was my team’s Girl Powered entry. This took hours and hours of their time over Christmas break. They are still winners to me and will work hard to find another way to Worlds. Girl Power!

This was their Promote Video.


I totally agree, it is extremely frustrating, we invested too much effort and time to do a job that stands out, I do not know how to tell them tomorrow that the entries were analyzed again and still not be finalists. In my opinion, they deserved it.


I’d love to see your team’s entry! Can you post? I’m sad about my teams not getting into finals too. I thought part of the judging was “creating unique imagery with a combination of drawings a pictures,” but some finalist just have one picture…?


I added my team’s entries to my post above. I would love to see your team’s entries too!


Some of the finalists are back up now. @tweber the website glitches are still there in the photography challenge and the website challenge.


I’m still not sure if the finalists listed right now are the real finalists. If there are still a lot of problems or weird things about the finalists page, it may be that the entries that are low quality or didn’t meet the deadline aren’t actually finalists.


All finalists that have been posted is the final list with the exception of VRC Promote. Some scores are not showing on a few entries so before we list the finalists, we have to make certain all scores were counted and calculated properly. There is still a website glitch, so the entry numbers have been listed manually for now on the finalists so that we may get the judges started on the task at hand!


What happens with all the things we find about some finalists? Those who did not meet the deadline, or those whose essay contained a single photo when it clearly said “Think of this as a pictorial essay: Your submission should be created using a combination of imagery (photography, drawings, screen captures, etc.) and Supporting text.”?


The website challenge page remains to be fixed, it hasn’t changed. @tweber


In the online challenge page description where they put the dates when they reveal winners/finalists and the link to last years winners are, there is a text list of all of the winners for every challenge. As far as I know, it is an accurate list. @1320D_Programmer



@CEC_TriBots Sorry, I missed that. However, there still seem to be some issues with the list

Viking Colt Robotics has two entries, and the top seven finalists are identical to the first 8 entries shown on the website (excluding an empty one). These top seven include the Viking Colt Robotics dual entry. There could be other issues, but those are the ones that jumped out to me. Hopefully there are no others, but a double finalist does not inspire much confidence. Even if it means delaying the winner being announced, please get this right.