Online challenges: Finalists


I didn’t realize that there were still issues, my bad! I agree, getting those fixed should be top priority. I would gladly wait the extra time for winners to be announced.


Yeah, I agree that the listed finalists of the website design challenge listed on the online challenges homepage seem quite wrong.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought there should be about 10+ finalists, but not the 32 finalists listed. That may be why the 2nd page of the finalists page is broken, because there was never meant to be 2 pages of finalists.
For the listed website design finalists, there are duplicate entries and the finalists appear to be largely identical to the first page of the submissions.
Also, I had received reports from people about 1 hour after the finalists were originally announced that I had made it into the finalists, so it is possible the glitches happened a couple hours after.
I would be happy to wait for the judging to be delayed until after it is all sorted out.
Thanks to all the judges for their hard work.


@tweber Sorry for the mention, but do you have any idea when this might be resolved?
The manually-printed finalists list (for the website challenge) on the online challenges homepage is a direct copy of the (broken) finalists page. As we have mentioned earlier, that list is essentially a copy of the original entries with a duplicate entry in the mix.


Website duplicate entry has been removed


On behalf of all the people who have put hundreds of hours into their submissions, could you please check with the judges and confirm the website finalists are listed properly? The issue is not that there was a duplicate entry, that was irrelevant. The larger issue is that the finalists are nearly identical to the first page of entries, indicating the finalists might not have been announced properly. If this is the case, and the next stage of judges pick out a winner from that list, that is unfair to any entries who should have made it in yet were lost in a technical mistake.
I know you are aware there are issues displaying the finalists in the regular location, which is good news. However, the “correct” manual listing on the homepage is a exact copy of that faulty page. So either the regular finalists page is correct (but identical to the entries) or what has been announced is wrong.
Going beyond the obvious indicators that the finalists might be incorrect, many of the finalists have sparse, simple websites, made with a simple website builder and difficult to navigate. There are many other websites from the entries that have clearly put in much more effort, are full of content, and well rounded.
I hope this gets sorted out, thanks for your help in resolving this


@theol0403 I can assure you everything is as it should be and the correct entries are listed as shown on the website. Yes, there have been issues with the website, but those have been corrected as far as I know. The judges, including me, are currently going through the finalists, and the winners will be announced on the 10th. I can understand your and everyone else’s frustrations, but the entries that were selected as finalists were selected for a reason. Even some of the entries that were not selected were absolutely amazing, but there is only room for so many finalists. Each judge had the same standardized rubric. The judges don’t simply pick their favorites, they judge each one based on several criteria, and the ones with the highest scores are the ones that move on, almost like a decision matrix. Keep in mind that entries are judged based on many different and diverse criteria. Entries are not selected just for their content or just for their appeal, and while it doesn’t happen often, it is possible that some entries were not selected as finalists because they did not follow basic requirements for the challenge. I ask that everyone please trust in the online challenge judging system. I assure you it is a very thorough process.


Alright, thank you for your explanation. I understand the judges have specific criteria, I was just wondering if there was an issue with displaying the finalists.


The issue, sadly with the website is more than usual finalists were selected to ensure that the top entries were selected. I presume we are being too generous this year, which is actually making our finalist judges to have to work much longer/harder due to the amount of finalists. The website was designed to only list so many. This was an oversight on my end, but I am completely satisfied with the finalists that were selected based on the judges scores thus far and I have complete faith in the judging system and the finalist judges. I agree that everyone, including those that were chosen worked very hard on thier submissions. Thank you AidenPyle for your comment, and theol0403, I understand your frustrations and know that a lot of hours are being spent behind the scenes every day!


Also, to remind everyone on this forum that we had over 1100 submissions for 8 challenges this year! All are to be celebrated and judges do not take their role/responsibilites lightly. Winners will be announced on March 10th!


3/10 has come and gone… any idea of when winners will be announced ?


No idea. Hopefully they will also push out the deadline for worlds registration.


The results are up now. Congratulations to all the kids that won!!!