Online challenges question

My school has 3 teams in our club. We were wondering, if we did a club page for the Dell online challenge would the club be able to chose which team went to worlds if we won or how would that work???

I believe your submission is on behalf of just 1 of your 3 teams. In other words, you ultimately submit your website for just 1 team, not your organization.

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This is correct. Only one team can submit, and the team that submits is the team that goes to worlds if they win.

The 2018 challenge details have not yet been posted, but in 2017 the rules stated: “There may only be one website entry per school/organization/club. A website for a single team from a multi-team program will not meet the requirements of this challenge; it must be a website that includes all the teams from the school or club. Only one team will submit the final entry from a multi-team program. In the event that a multi-team program wins the top prize, it is up to that school/organization/club to decide which ONE team wins the qualification spot to VEX Worlds, as only one qualifying spot is available for this challenge.