Online Challenges Release?

When will the Online Challenges be released?

They are usually announced late summer and depending on which challenge they are usually around mid September, if it is anything like the past years.

Hopefully RECF will improve the range of online challenges this season. After 2018 these were dropped and/or not replaced with anything:

-RECF STEM Educational Video Challenge. Axed by Dan Mantz due to low entry count (about 28)
-VEX Game Design Animation Online Challenge. Axed by Dan Mantz due to low entry count (about 25)
-Electronics Online Challenge Sponsored by Texas Instruments. Very popular but I believe TI stopped sponsoring it.
-Recycling Online Challenge Sponsored by FUTURE Foundation. Neat low entry bar challenge following on from other FUTURE Foundation challenges however I believe they stopped sponsoring it.

Here’s hoping RECF aren’t so tight about it this season.

I hate to be grim, but I would not hold my breath for getting all of them back or seeing a massive amounts of new ones…

Also Business directions change all the time so who knows, but Challenges website will have a new website for this season.

There was a lot of great submissions in Game Animation challenge. I’m hoping at least two (2) new challenges since a lot of challenges were axed.

There were hints of a Coding Challenge and a Robot Cart Design Challenge, but nothing has come of them yet. I guess we will see later this year.