Online challenges voting for this year

When are we able to vote for online challenges submissions? And when does it end?

As far as I’m aware you can’t vote for the online challenge submissions, it’s a process performed by a group of judges according to the judging criteria.

Doing a quick google search, it seems there were community voting in previous seasons such as here, but that was used in the case of tie breakers, and doesn’t seem to be happening in the current batch of online challenges.

Unless there is something I’m missing?


I meant community voting, and sometimes it’s not announced. I should have been more clear.

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Not sure if there is voting this year.

In previous years, it was mentioned the community vote will be used as tie breaker.

But this year there is no mentioned of it and there is no “thumbs up” button for us to click.

So I am more inclined to agree with @StuartV - there might be a changed in the format.