Online Challenges Voting

When does voting open for the online challenges? I can’t seem to find a date.

It does say that the online challenge voting closes on the 25th, which probably assumes it started yesterday as the entries closed.

That’s what I thought, but it doesn’t seem to let me vote on anything.


On the challenges it says

@Gabriel D

It says they will take voting into account in selecting finalists, but it doesn’t state when voting opens

Looks like one of the challenges didn’t open until today, and is open until tomorrow. Maybe they’re waiting for that one to close first? Hopefully there will be an announcement.

Online Challenge voting begins at 1pm today!

@tweber where do you see this?

If you look at an entry for an online challenge, you can vote. voting ends on Friday.

A member of my team made this script to rank votes for each online challenge if you want to use it:

Does anyone know when the winners of the online challenges will be announced?