Online Challenges Waiting Room

Waiting Room for Online Challenges Results.

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I wonder what time will they show the results today.

Me too. I’m spam refreshing the website.

I am spamming the website too.

I think they’ll post at 12pm

Probably, I think next time they should give a time.

Last year they posted finalists pretty late in the day, so who knows. I wish they’d give us a time.

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I just want to know. :sob:

I have to do my math homework and I’m scared they’ll post the winners and I’ll miss it.

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Umm did it releace. 2

No, not yet. 20 char

Finalists will be announced at 4 PM Central Time! You have some time to give your refresh button a break for a little bit :slightly_smiling_face:


Some are out, but not all of them. Is this a mistake?

Sheesh didn’t make finalists. This is so sad.

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when will website challenges be annoucned? They didn’t get announced

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also are there supposed to be 10 finalists per category?

Think u mightve forgotten a few Holly :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, some have been annoucned, some chalelnges havent

probably have to wait even more

Hi, quick question, but how significant were the requirements to the community challenge, as I notice quite a few of the videos only have partial or no credits, but were still selected as finalists