Online Challenges Waiting Room

@tweber are you the right person to answer the questions regarding online challenges in this thread?

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Also I just noticed that there were going to be 25 finalists for the community award but only 22 were selected

I think I saw my team as the eletronic finalists not sure.

What is your team number?

They said some finalist are a still being decided, but why was the Unite challenge finalist button taken off completely?

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Is there a set time for when we can expect Unite Online Challenge finalists to be out? Many students are probably anxiously waiting and refreshing for the results, and it’s not really fair to them since REC hyped up yesterday for finalists to be published only for them to never get a result for their challenge.

Please email us at and we can answer your questions.


you should be able to see them now!

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yep I see them!

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