Online Challenges website bug?

There may be [or may not be] a bug at the home page where only one online challenge appears. Hours ago, Girlpowered Essay appeared, not not anymore. Now, Vex Virtual Worlds appears…

Yeah, same for me. Virtual worlds just appeared when I looked at the list, and now it’s gone. I think the challenges will be released today or tomorrow.
EDIT: I took a second look at the RVW challenge and it seems that it’s for the 2017-2018 season. (What is going on?)

I don’t believe it is a bug, I think the only reason it is showing just the RVW challenge currently is that it is the only challenge that has been officially announced and confirmed for the 2019 online challenges so far. They will most likely start releasing the other challenges within the next few days, possibly weeks.

…And it seems they are online! Go check them out! link
EDIT: I take that back, we’ll have to wait until 10/15 for the rest.


We have to wait an extra month for them to be released?!?!
Last year was September release, UNFAIR!

EDIT: Nvm. SOME challenges are October. I don’t see Game Design Animation tho…

The majority of the online challenges are released but you can’t start uploading your entries until Mon, Oct 15, 2018, 9:00 AM CDT (which changed from this morning when I thought I saw this Monday the 17th). However, some of the newer online challenges will trickle in later in October (probably due to the RECF verifying sponsorships with companies before they make the challenges public).

You are right however, the 2018 Online Challenges opened Septemeber 13th, 2017.

EDIT: “I don’t see Game Design Animation tho…”

It is possible they are making changes to the challenge itself. Could even be because they got a sponsor for the challenge, and that takes extra time before they can make the challenge public to everyone. You may remember the Website Challenge was delayed last year being put on the website because they changed sponsors from EMC to Dell.

Right! They did that challenge from the start of Vex and it would be awful if it discontinued.


Janice Miller is no longer the director of Online Challenges. Reach out to Dylon Caudill ( if you have any questions about Online Challenges.

I doubt they would discontinue the game design challenge. I am sure that they are making some behind the scenes changes.

Follow up: Challenges were supposed to open up an hour ago, but are still not open.

I know I’m reviving a dead thread, but a couple days ago when I checked the online challenges page, some old challenges from last year are no longer there, though it was expected they would be up by 10/15; Namely the electronics online challenge, recycling challenge, and game design challenge. Does anybody know about the status of these?

Ask in the Online Challenges Official Q&A channel

Edit: On second thought, who knows when you’ll get a reply there. @JaniceMiller used to manage Online Challenges, but, as far as I understand, she no longer works for RECF. I have no idea who is now responsible for Online Challenges. A cursory search has yielded no meaningful results for others in the OLC Q&A group.

Your best bet at getting an answer is probably asking your regional support manager for contact info of someone involved with the Online Challenge program.

Online Challenges are current - four challenges have been removed: Recycling Online Challenge, Electronics Online Challenge, VEX Game Design Animation Online Challenge and STEM Educational Video Challenge. The current eight challenges will be the only challenges for 2019. Please email me at if you have any questions about Online Challenges for this year. I apologize for the delay in responding.

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The online challenge website says:

At this time we will not extend the Winner Announcement, but please be aware it may be a possibility to give our judges a fair amount of time to complete their judging.

If the winner announcement is pushed out will the deadline to register for worlds also be pushed out?

Status has changed and winners will be announced on schedule.