Online challenges winners questions

Will the winning teams in all online challenges get to compete at Worlds 2022?

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Some challenges will, some won’t. If you visit the specific challenge page, you can see the list of prizes. For instance the “Make It Real” CAD Engineering Challenge DOES qualify for Worlds, but the Team Website Challenge DOES NOT. This is a slight departure from tradition of past years where most challenges would qualify for Worlds, such as the Team Website Challenge.


Challenges that qualify you:
Make It Real CAD Challenge
Girl Powered Essay
Electronics Challenge
Community Award
Encore Challenge
Annotated Programming Skills
Unite Challenge

Challenges that do not:
“Thinking Outside The Box” Photography Challenge
Team Website Challenge


I think that when Dan Mantz was discussing the extension of the 2020-2021 season and the modifications to Worlds he indicated that challenges gave bids to the 2021 modified Worlds (not 2022), but I don’t remember for sure. Probably the only way to get absolute clarity and an ‘official’ position on this is to wait until the Feb 4th Town Hall and submit a question.


You forgot to mention the Promote Award

Hi! Does anyone know if the winners are chosen by program and age group? (i.e. VEX IQ one winner for elementary and one winner for MS.) My elementary team made the finalists list of 10 teams, but will only one winner be chosen from these 10? My team is the only elementary team in the group.

Does anyone know when the STEM research finalist will be announced?