Online Challenges Winners Tomorrow

Anyone excited for the winners announcements of the online challenges tomorrow?

What are your favorites?

I thought the 6007X promote video was really good. I hope they win so they can qualify for worlds, since they are really good

@Easton Thanks :slight_smile:

I was really digging ours but we are not in the finals:

I really like the 91C recycling online challenge.

One of our teams, 3631C, is a finalist in the Girl Powered challenge. We at my high school are rooting for them to win the challenge and qualify for Worlds.

Question though, at what time tomorrow does the RECF announce the winners?

4:00 PM Central.

My personal favorite entry was this one this one, , however it didn’t qualify as a finalist unfortunately. I haven’t really had time to look at all the finalists, but I wish them all good luck :slight_smile:

7682E Game Design Challenge was really really good.

6007X Promote was good too.