Online code questions

I was going to write my own online code driver(the part on my computer) that is more customized to my robot. But i have a few questions:

How does the online code communicate with the robot? i know it uses serial, but what does it do with that? does it send numbers or strings or something?

Second, could i write a program in Labview to send it those (whatever it is) from the previous question?

Third, failing both of those, is there a way, either though MPlab or EasyC that i could write my own online code for the robot and send it stuff through serial, like to go forward could i pass “forward xx” xx being a number of seconds? Would i program like Hyperterminal in widows be able to send stuff to the vex controller that it could react to?

Thanks for the help!

The online window uses debug commands for the controller. We don’t have that documentation available. My recommendation is to use a program like HyperTerminal and watch what the online window sends to the motors. Then replicate this information in your program.