Online Documentation Clarification

Can you be forced to use only a Physical notebook?

I know in tipping point it was up to the competition advisors and i was just wondering if it was the same for spin up.

Each event can specify if they are doing remote interviews, remote notebook reviews or in-person notebook reviews and interviews. Lots of options.

If the notebook reviews are in-person, teams must bring hard copy notebook with them, if it is an electronic notebook, then it must be printed.

If the notebook reviews are remote, then teams with hardcopy notebooks will need to scan the notebook into common format, like PDF, and place it on a public drive and submit the link via RobotEvents.

Teams are not required to document in physical or electronic notebooks - judging should favor one approach over the other. Both have their strengths and limitations.


The game & judging rules allow both physical and digital notebooks. Here are the official Judging guidelines about notebooks: The 4th paragraph of this article talks about notebook formats. There’s also a lot of info available at &


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ok thank you for the clarification so you just print it and staple it together, as well as submit the link through robot events?

The link is needed if they are reviewing notebooks before the event. We do this at our events as it allows for careful reviews and for judges not to feel rushed on event day, but focus on the teams.

You can update the link throughout the season if needed, and once submitted, it is available to all events you are registered for.


Or if the notebooks are to be reviewed the day of the event, but the EP prefers online submission. Such was the case for the North FL Event Region Championships (ERCs) last season. As per the judges guide, notebooks that are to be submitted virtually should be submitted as a link, regardless of whether submission is done via RE or email.

Realistically, like you said it’s up to the EP to decide whether they want to have physical or virtual notebook submission, and whether to review it during the event (both types) or before (virtual only).