Online Finalists 2020 Issue

The online challenge for 2020 are posted but I cannot find the list of who made it to the finalists…is this the same for you guys too?


My guess is there is a hidden “publish” button that has yet to be hit on



Yes I also have this issue. I’m just assuming that there was an error in publishing the finalists so I’m just going to wait a little.

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good to know others are having the same problem. I’ve literally been waiting for the finalists to come out for hours

oh ok thank yuo so much

Didn’t actually appear to work, just changed the heading and didn’t error.

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dang it i thought we had it

You’re just messing with them… right?

The finalists were displayed last year with the ?filter=finalists construction:

It appears that something might be broken, though, as it appears to just change the title on the list of entries at the moment. @tweber @DanMantz

edit: appears to be working now. That was quite a speedy fix.

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The title is showing but not the finalists…help?

yeah sknce it hasnt been piosted yet

Welp, It seems like so far the website hasn’t updated, at least for me. So I’m just playing the waiting game. @tweber Is the website just taking time to process? Or is there an unprecedented issue? Also, what did you eat for lunch?

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:slight_smile: A banana

You should now be able to see the finalists!