Online Game Animation Challenge

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My answer IS NOT official.

However, regarding…

In the past the awards have been sent via mail a few weeks after the world championship, however previously the awards were software packages and parts. This year they seem to be gift cards so I don’t know.

In my case, two years ago, I had the option to enter as an individual (because I was the sole animator) or enter as a team. I opted to enter as a team so that my school would receive their automatic qualification, the prize was indeed mailed to my instructor who then gave me the software package and some of the parts (I made him agree to this beforehand so there wasn’t anything to debate).

On my certificate it reads team 508. Interestingly enough Piratech went on that next year to win two different qualifications to the world championship, so they didn’t actually need my win which is great! They did well, very well in fact.

I think the two options are still on the table.

  1. Individual entry, stuff goes to YOU, no team qualification if you win (don’t quote me on this one).
  2. Team entry, stuff goes to the TEAM, one-way ticket to next years world championship.

PLEASE post this question in the Q&A for an official answer.

Not exactly sure what your asking, if it’s the trophy and certificate your worried about, don’t worry. Vex has an easy way to order additional trophies. I would just strike a deal with your team that if you win, agree that you get the original trophy (for sentimental value) and that the team pays for a copy. That’s pretty much what I did.

Feel free to pass technical questions my way, [email protected]