Only 3.2 V5 motors per team for us?

Listen, I’m a VEX proponent, I truly am. We have a parent run program for our school district that serves more than 150 kids between EDR and IQ. We are event partners that host more than our share of events.

We placed an order for V5 trade-ins, but only so many codes were working for that first order, so we place our order for qty. (8) V5 bundles of the qty. (15) bundles we were ordering. On that same order we ordered qty. (20) motors (limited by our debit card limits).

We place a second order a few days later for the remaining qty. (7) V5 kits and the remaining qty. (120) motors.

We received the first order in full, but the second order was limited to qty. (28) motors. That leaves us with (15) teams and V5 bundles, but only qty. (48) motors.

I understand if there is a V5 motor shortage, and I don’t mind receiving (4) motors per V5 bundle, but we were limited to fewer V5 motors per kit than every other team.

We have (15) teams scheduled to participate in leagues beginning the first days of October, but we will have 3 motors per team, because of a shipping fluke? So far pleas to VEX support have gone unresolved. I’m not asking for special treatment, just the 4 motors per kit all other teams who per-ordered when we did are receiving.

I suggest contacting VexSupport

I really think VEX’s approach to shipping was, “we know this isn’t going to go over well at all, but let’s do it and hope everyone forgives us by January”.

@TriDragon I mean, it beats the alternative which was fill everyone’s orders entirely on first-come-first-served, meaning most of the people that have gotten something would still have nothing.

We attempted to contact contacted VEX Support by phone. We did email them and did get a response. I’ve got another email into them hoping the situation just wasn’t explained well the first time we contacted them , or understood over the phone.

Again, not looking for the total amount ordered, only looking for the same amount of motors per kit other teams who pre-ordered when we did are receiving.

Edit for accuracy: First request was via email. The phone call by our treasurer was abandoned at some point while on hold.

Which would have been fine if they didn’t make us send back the old Cortexes. As it stands, there are still a lot of us staring at students with our pockets out and shrugging. No V5 brain, no Cortex, nothing … and we have events starting in three weeks.

Didn’t they have the exact same issue when the 393’s released? I remember we were only permitted to have 4 393’s on a robot and it was pretty clearly meant to drop demand.

I figured since they didn’t have such a restriction that they maybe had production planned to meet the sort of demand that there would be for a new product launch, but evidently not.

I’ve passed this on to the Customer Support team. They are looking into it now.

This is the issue. I don’t think there would be nearly as much outrage if a different trade-in model was used (such as, have teams send in cortexes right before shipping out the V5). But having to send in cortexes weeks or months before V5s get shipped makes life really difficult.

there is also the difficulty presented by have 393’s out of stock. So we maybe have 20 good motors and zero that haven’t seen rigorous use.

Thank you @DRow . I’m really hoping we just didn’t explain the situation very well over the phone.

That was the reason? To lower the demand. Man thought it would have been something they were afraid of how the Cortex would handle more than 4…

“/s” <— did you drop this?

i am drawing on some old memories, but to me it was pretty obvious when the restriction was dropped it was because the demand had normalized. But perhaps not.

Wow, that was a pretty cool option you were able to give to people. Great work!

I know I should’ve called my cousins in Seattle to let me use their place for V5 orders. Robotmesh never fails.

Well, I guess I get to write one more forum post as the VEX president. @Adam T I found your situation very strange since Grant and I reviewed every pre-order for the exact situation you describe.

I can list many situations where a customer ordered the system bundle on one order and motors on another. In each case, we made sure 4 motors were sent per system bundle (if they were ordered in a similar time frame).

So why didn’t this happen in your case? Well, I investigated and here is what I found:

Your first order was on May 30th for 8 system bundles and 20 motors from someone (name withheld for privacy) associated with your club under a signed-in account on our web site. This order shipped complete on 8/31.

Your second order (we know this only from the e-mail conversations with the person that ordered) was for 7 bundles and 120 motors, which we shipped on 9/5 (7 bundles and 28 motors). However, for whatever reason, the person was not signed into their account and ordered as a guest. When this happens, the person ordering as a guest gets assigned a new customer number because they didn’t sign in and we don’t really know who they are. So when the web orders get transferred to our ERP system it looks like two different customers ordered on two different days.

There was no way Grant and I would have found that as the same customer.

I strongly recommend that you always sign in to your account when ordering from the VEX web site. We keep all of your order history so you can view it online all together. If you sign in as a guest there is really no way you can see order on our web site unless you ordered as a registered user.

I hope this clears things up for you.

Oh, and one last thing, in our e-mail correspondence with your buyer we told them that more motors will be shipping out this month.

I hope this helps,

Thanks @Paul Copioli and VEX Support team. I’m convinced you all are doing everything possible to get our students, and everyone else, all the equipment we need. I appreciate the effort, and also understand what an undertaking this must be with all the logistics, some that you control and some that you don’t.

I didn’t realize there was such an effort to identify split orders and get them fulfilled. The guest account purchase had to do with how codes were working (or not working) with ordering on the website back then. For some reason trade-in codes would be cleared or not accepted when we logged in to order? And a guest account was either the workaround advised to us (by who? IDK?), or the way we could figure out to solve the problem.

We had our teams’ season kick-off last night. We have lots of students excited about the new V5 system and all the quality improvements they are looking forward to utilizing.

@Paul Copioli Thanks for the update on motors. I ordered V5 bundles in May and V5 motors in a separate order the next day. We received the bundles last week (thank you!) but no motors at all. Per your reply above it sounds like we should have gotten 4 motors per bundle. I emailed sales@vex yesterday with the order numbers. Is there anyway you can check on the status of our motors?

Maybe so, neither option is great.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think VEX did it in any way intentionally to hurt teams, I just think they got themselves into a terrible position with little options and are hoping this whole mess is behind them in the customer’s eyes/minds by January.

From what I saw at CES in January, the focus and engineering of this system is great, they have a hungry customer base, and they missed the mark on planning. I hear a lot of rumble about parts on allocation, etc… but many of us deal with that every day and our companies would go under if we handled it like this. There is excellence in the student and engineering focus from Vex, really nice people, customer focus for sure, but a glaring deficit in project planning and manufacturing planning. Just my opinion…

Love how Robot Mesh handled it, excellent and fair in my opinion.