Only 3 Tries at Skills?

I am posting this open discussion in response to another great post in the VEX IQ technical discussion. I myself noticed also that at the 2014 Worlds in Anaheim, teams were allowed to participate in more than 3 skills challenges (Robot and Programming) only if there were only a few or no teams in line. As stated in the previous post, the enforcing of it seemed to be quite difficult for the volunteers. In addition, there was always a line of kids trying to improve their scores.

I would like to offer a suggestion for the upcoming Worlds competition. Maybe this year we could have two sets of lines. One line could have a sign that reads “Skills 1 to 3 Attempts” and the other will have a sign that reads “Skills 4 and Up Attempts”. Each line will lead to the same location in front of the referees at the skills field. Let’s assume both lines are filled, then the referees will invite teams from the “Skills 1 to 3 Attempts” line first while teams in the other line just wait. Once the “Skills 1 to 3 Attempts” line is empty then the referees can start inviting teams from the “Skills 4 and Up Attempts” line. Teams can choose to wait as long as they like in the “Skills 4 and Up Attempts”. The referees will invite teams from the “Skills 1 to 3 Attempts” only up until the point in time that this line is empty.

Last year our teams were trying to get our third attempt in and we had teams in front of us with 4 and 5 attempts. That made it quite difficult.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

  • Bailey

That would be an awesome idea. At the worlds we did our 3 robot skills, but only 2 of our programming skills. We went to do our last programming try, we were not allowed because it was near closing time for skills and the line was full; but the line had several teams that where way above their 3rd try.