OnlY oNe CoNe!

So your only able to “posses” one cone at a time. My concern is CAN you HOLD the mobile base and stack cones on the mobile base while picking up cones. The only reason i question this is because that would technically be holding 2 cones. The rules do however state that you can control the movement of a mobile goal.
Then theirs the question if you can hold just stacked cones? Like holding all the cones as if it where a cup dispenser, they would be stacked, but not on a mobile goal.
SG9 Note 2 states that “Stacked Cones do not count towards the Possession limit” yet the example only uses the mobile goal.

You need to read the rules more closely. Stacked is an official definition and requires objects to be on a base.

Holding base with 20 cones on it + holding 1 cone

holding a cone with a stack of 20 cones on top

cool! I will read up my definitions now

you know if you come up with an effective way to pick up mobile goasl then you can stack the cones on them and take it to where ever to stack the cones for even more points

I asked a similar question in another thread; I don’t believe that question can be conclusively answered as of yet.

@coffee That would be stacked technically on the first cone (the one that is at the bottom). Because you cant be touching the cones to make them stacked, but if you where to not touching any of the other cones the definition of Stacked is only “fully nested on a goal” … yet then note 2 says any that are above the cone you are touching will not count as being stacked. Maybe turn it sideways and somehow stand it up at the end ??

so no i don’t think so.