Only one portion of claw working

We have built the clawbot and modified it. There are 2 motors on the claw portion but we can only get one to work. (It makes the sound that the motor is connected but the remote will not control that side of the claw.) We have updated the firmware and changed out the motor but neither seems to be the issue…any thoughts on something else we can do to fix the problem?

So at first, I thought the claw motors are upside down, and remember the shafts falling out of alignment occasionally. That must have been a modification we made, because it doesn’t look like that can happen with the original design.
Have you troubleshot with the brain on? Shout out to 1993F Galway for teaching me this one! Turn brain on, press"X’ to go to Settings. Select device info. Use arrows to select the port you want to test. then press the check button. Motor will run. “X” will shut it off.
Are you using the default programming, or did you write your own?

Sounds to me like the shaft has slipped out of the motor. Take the motor off and make sure it is turning when it should be.

What is the output sound?

It is not the shafts…we have checked that.

I am going to troubleshoot with the brain on! Didn’t know about that! Thanks for that tip.

What do you think should be happening - for instance when you push (which) button are you thinking it should control both motors? To do this sort of thing you generally need to add programming, not just use the default drive code. What ports are the motors plugged in to if you are not using your own custom code?

A second thing that you may run in to is that the motors work against each other (you may need to reverse one of the motors.)

What was it?