Only two Double Acting Solenoid in the kit?

There are only two Double Acting Solenoid in the new pneumatic kit but there are three Stroke Pneumatic Cylinder. So how to connect the third one? Any solution? Thanks.


You don’t. You just have options over which 2 you do use.


Ideally, VEX will sell components individually, and/or continue to allow the previous SME components to be used. Here are a couple thoughts:

  • The air cylinders are of three different strokes, to provide some variety (a good idea)…pick the 2 of the three that will do the job.

  • Most teams will want two air tanks…so until you can purchase separately (or you have old SME tanks) you’ll need another pneumatics kit…so now you’ll have four solenoids (and six air cylinders–2 of each size).

  • If you need to run two air cylinders at the same time, just use T-fittings in the air lines between the solenoid and the air cylinders.


Thanks. What if the driver cable is broken, where can I get a new one? If you can give me an exact number of SMC part for that, I would be very appreciate.

This is a custom VEX part…no other source avaliable.