Only V5 for VEX U? compatible with EDR

We are in china and most of chinese VEX U teams started this porgram in less than two years. This really hurt that we can only use V5 for VEX U competition. And I think most of chinese collages don’t have the funding to get new V5 system and stuff. And we don’t really sure when we would have V5 system available in China. And we dont know whether our school would like to purchase new V5 system.
Sooooo, is that possible for vex U competition in China, to be compatible with both V5 and EDR system.
That would help a LOT with VEX U teams to transfer from EDR to V5.

I think that this wouldn’t help, this would really unbalance the competition. Right now it is going to be impossible for some teams to compeate, but if these teams compeate with edr they would have a disadvantage to the other teams, unbalanccing the event for teams that go against them. And for the fact that V5 isn’t released yet, what I’m doing is building the shell of the robot but designing it for V5 to fit

I hate to be a terminology troll, but to me it is important to make sure that we use terminology properly so that we all know exactly what we mean. For Middle and High School VEX Robotics Competition, RECF (and VEX Robotics) are introducing the V5 Control System (and associated electronics) to replace the Cortex (sometimes referred to as V4) within the EDR platform. In Middle School and High School, we will still be using the EDR platform with V5. VEX U, on the other hand, for this upcoming season is replacing both the Cortex (and its associated electronics) with V5 and is giving VEX U teams the opportunity to totally (or partially) replace the EDR platform with metal, plastic and 3-D printed parts of their own design.
That being said, I understand the difficulty of making the transition from Cortex to V5. However, in VEX U, the Cortex will NOT be competitive with V5. The Cortex has a limit of about 12-16 motors depending on how well you can use y-cables. With V5 you can use up 20 motors that are each around 2 to 2.5 time more powerful than the 393s used with the Cortex.