Onmi wheel-controller prog. help!

Hi All,

How do I get 4 omnidirectional wheels with 4 motors go left and right using a controller?

In the attached pdf you can see the base we have built (on the first page).

We are using Omni directional wheels with 4 motors.

On page 3 you can see which motors we have plugged in (FL 1, FR 2, FR 9, FR10).

Also on page 3 I have done a table working out which polarity the motors need to go Left, Right, Forwards, Backwards, Turning Left and Turning Right (in the online window).

When I try to program the controller (page 2), when I set up the settings and download them in arcarde style, I can get it to go forwards, backwards, turn left and turn right. I can’t get it to go left or right. The Same happens in tank style.

Please help!

Thanks in advance!
vex doc.pdf (1.95 MB)

Here is the program
vex arcade.zip (1.94 KB)

This is more geared towards RobotC, and it appears you are using EasyC but I think it is very important for you to watch the video linked on this thread. It will help you understand the theory of programming an x-drive.


Also, I think EasyC has a holonomic drive preset build in doesn’t it? You should look for a block that says ‘mecanum’ or ‘holonomic’. I don’t use EasyC, but I seem to remember people saying there is a built in way to do holonomic drives.

An updated version of Cody’s tutorial is here.

Holonomic drives 2.0: A video tutorial by Cody

I’ll check those out thank you! Will let you know if i’ve figured it out!

Hey guys, have made progress but not quite figured it out.

Please see this thread and help me out! (Didn’t want to spam this one!)


There has been developments but I’m still stuck - please see thread to help! :confused: