Onmi Wheels on Squared Away Field

We are testing our robot, and we ran into a problem regarding the omni wheels. When we are driving it, the omni wheels get stuck on the orange pegs on the game field. This problem is continuous, and we cannot find any solution other than replacing the omni wheels with regular wheels. This is not ideal, because our robot design as well as our strategy revolves around the usability.

  1. Has anybody found this problem?
  2. Has anybody found a solution to this problem?
  3. If so, what is it?

Thanks a lot in advance for helping!

ummm, what orange pegs? Could you post a pic? also you could use mechanum wheels if omni wheels dont work



Mechanum wheels don’t exist for IQ.


Be sure they are pushed fully in. I don’t have any teams running into that… Or maybe just try and avoid the pegs. Once you clear out the green cubes that aren’t too hard to get around.


Oh ok… So your teams are using omni wheels and are still not getting stuck on the orange pegs?
Our pegs are fully pushed in, so that is not the problem.

Avoiding the pegs is what we are doing, however, it takes extra time, and Squared Away is a game of time.

Thanks for your help!

You could try to use some regular wheels to push yourselves forwards over the orange pegs so you have momentum.

The best way is to ram at it. Which is what our team is doing. It’s pretty good as we are scoring 100+ every time. With practice, the orange pegs aren’t really an obstacle.

Yeah, but during autonomous periods, the orange pegs pose a problem in accuracy

we have our wheels geared 3:1 so we skip over it no problem

Have you been able to overcome your issue with the orange pegs?

yes no problems but it will drain your batery a little bit faster

3 to 1 for speed(just to clarify)

Hi ae5880,
Yes, we overcame it, but not with a quick fix as we were looking for.
We ended up just practicing avoiding the pegs in autonomous, and after a lot of practice, we were able to position our robot in a way that it skipped over the pegs in driver skills.
This method is obviously not going to work 100% of the time, but it works I would say about 98%.

my team tries to go around/rams into to go over.