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Hi everyone! I am a VRC coach and I am exploring OnShape CAD with my students. It’s a great program and I am really enjoying learning through instructional videos and so on, but my students and I are running into an issue. We are trying to get the fasten mate connector to connect a screw properly to a C-Channel. The connector symbol does not appear when my cursor is over a hole in the C-Channel, but it does appear in places where there’s not a hole. In all the instructional videos I’ve watched, the connector symbol appears over the holes as one would expect. I’ve tried a mouse and a trackpad and the issue is the same. I can’t shake the notion that there’s a simple thing we’re neglecting to do that maybe hasn’t been mentioned in any of the instructional videos I’ve watched. Any advice from OnShape experts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

There were some real-time responses on Facebook. Please post a video if you are still having issues. I think it is just the order of your clicks.

use SHIFT. I had that problem for awhile before I figured it out.


Found out the problem. Using a Mac, it seems to work best with Safari, not Google Chrome or Firefox. On my windows computer, all browsers seem to work. Just spreading the knowledge in case anyone else comes across this issue. Thank you so much for all the replies.

I’m also a Mac user, but Brave is my normal browser choice. I did a test with Chrome and did not experience any issues. The issues you are experiencing a probably caused by Chrome settings. Switching to Safari is an easy fix.

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jrp62, thank you for the info.

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