Onshape for VEX?

Hi all,

I’ve recently started to use Onshape a little bit, and was wondering if anybody has had a good experience using Onshape for VEX. I know it currently lacks the abilities to make assembly planes and assembly mirrors, as well as some other features that are useful for VEX, so has anybody found a way around those missing features?


I have modeled a few robots using onshape, and have made it work. Personally I would rather use a more supported software such as fusion 360 or inventor.

However, if you are still wanting to use onshape, here’s 2114A’s part library for vex (though it unfortunately has not been updated for V5 as far as i know): https://cad.onshape.com/documents/5782e53fe4b0b7679dbf9f2c/w/b62de756a6f06dfc82b8fcef/e/bdbaf7b4a0cbf3da59b1e980

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Thanks you for ur help!
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