OnShape mating issues bearing flat/c channel

Several team members are having a hard time in OnShape getting a bearing flat to mate to the center of a hole on c-Channel. We have a high school student that has put in so much work that he’s a bigger expert than coach, and he has tried to assist as well. We’ve tried restarting and no one is having success. It worked earlier in the CAD Build as there are several bearing flats already in the document, but when hovering over the hole (tried zooming and lots of ‘tricks’) and nothing will catch that center x. Anyone else having issues?

I just opened OnShape and I can see what you mean. It is definitely different than it was previously, but that said I was able to mate a bearing flat to the c-channel relatively easily. I wasn’t able to click directly on the center of the hole, as I would have before, but if I hovered nearby, the circle for the center shows up, and when I clicked the mate was applied correctly. Hopefully, this helps!

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Thank you, we’ll give it a try. Appreciate the speedy response! :slight_smile: Maybe we were too worried about it being exact.

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Top tip for mating when it’s hard to find the mate point out in space, find a place where the point you want does pop up, then hold shift and move to the point. All the same points will remain so you can click the one you actually want without hunting around to until it will maybe pop up.

For example, on the bottom of a bearing flat if you hover over the bottom surface, all three center holes should be visible, but they will disappear as you move towards the hole center. Holding shift keeps them visible so you can click the centerpoint without waiting for it to be found again.


I’ve been using Onshape quite a bit this year but hadn’t used it in a few days. It went from being very easy to fasten objects together, to frustratingly impossible.

The shift trick that @goofnrox suggested solves the problem. Thank you!

Awesome, I was working on it last night and got it to work-I felt like I was imagining things before because I knew something was different! Thanks for again for all the great feedback friends and I’ll pass it along to team members!