Onshape Nature Recovery Challenge Rewards

Hey, excuse me if the tag is wrong I really don’t know how to tag this.
So onshape hosted the nature recovery challenge to cad a robot that helped the environment through means you chose and researched. Winners of the 2022 Nature Recovery Robots Challenge

There is the blog listing the winners, I am on 2414X now which is Spring Valley High School Robotics. We won this challenge however I have not been contacted about the awards and all contacts I have made with onshape about this haven’t been replied. The weird thing is I emailed them about the prizes before I had won asking when the winner was announced and they replied, but every email after had been ghosted. If there’s any other winners I’m wondering if you got your prizes or any word or if anyone knows who I should contact that would be nice. I’ve been putting off this thread waiting for word, but it’s been one month so I decided to make it.

Screenshots on emails:


@DanMantz Perhaps the RECF has a contact at Onshape who could help get this sorted out?