Open Letter to the Robot

I wrote an open letter to our robot for creative writing, and I thought it was worth sharing:

Brian Cole
Warning: 4270C Inside Jokes Ahead.
An Open Letter to the S.W.O.R.D.
Dear Robot,

Please stop shooting me in the face. I know you don’t like it when I shove a preload down your throat. I know you don’t like it when I fret about getting you in just the right spot for autonomous. But that still doesn’t justify lobbing a three inch hard plastic ball at my forehead in some desperate attempt to knock me out before the match.
Furthermore, you need to fix your emotional mess of a self. It seems like every time you move at all, screw, spacers, and-heaven forbid-chain come flying loose. And every time, I have to sit down for an hours to fix you. Do you know how difficult it is to get some of those spacers in? I’m a mechanic not a surgeon! And then there’s the fact that every time we let you go autonomous you try to commit suicide. There was one time you even drove up a wall and fell on your face. I almost didn’t want to untip you that time. I mean, we shouldn’t have to use an entire motor just so you can fix yourself emotionally in front of other robots.
Also, your sense of romance is terrible. I mean, a cube bot? She was literally composed entirely of steel, bro. With your instability you still need to settle, but not that settle. At least go for a good cap posting bot. Or heck, maybe you can even get someone with a shooter. But a cube bot? I mean, cmon. No wonder you’re such a mess when that’s your partner.

LOL! I like it!
My creative writing course never got this creatively into writing!
I would’ve spent more time on the builder-robot relationship. You could have a lot of fun there.

This was great! lol

That’s awesome.

I like it!


That’s some great writing

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quality relationship advice

I have read that thread many times over. I find it intriguing for you to be the one to bring that up.

Someone needs to write a romance book about two VEX robots that pick each other for a relationship, and encountering and fighting other alliances like the hunger games :wink:

Eventually they’re faced head to head in elims during the finals after being tragically separated for the start of the story, they both fry their cortexes instead of face off, actually this could be a romeo and Juliet parody.

Nice signature :slight_smile:

One of them isn’t turned on (or maybe temporarily disconnected), so the other one fries its brain thinking the other one is dead. Then the other it turned on (or reconnected) and it fries it’s cortex.

One has to be Cortex and one has to be V5 to represent the different families in R&J