Open Sorce Github project for convert vex C++ to C++ Pro and .vex file to .cpp and .h

Hello everyone, team 35211C here
Mabe some of you have heard complaints from your programmers that the new Vex Coding Studio IDE is not very “user-friendly” (really bad).
We have a solution for you.
Here is an open source project on GitHub we started for converting between Vex C++ and C++ Pro and the conversion between .vex and .cpp .h files. After the conversion, you can use any desired IDE to open the .cpp and .h files.

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Code Folder - the folder that you want your .cpp and .h file exported to or convert from.
Temp Folder - used to save the “ThIsisATemPoRaRyFiLE.json” during conversion, any folder would be fine.
.vex Open - the .vex file you wish to convert.
.vex Save Folder - where it will export the .vex file.


If you rename the .vex to .zip, you would find a file called “ThIsisATemPoRaRyFiLE.json” in the zip. This file is your code converted into Base 64 and combined. The GitHub project currently can convert the .vex into two files. One is “main.cpp”, and the other is “robot-config.h”.

The main reason for us doing this is because we often have different programmers working on the same the same .vex files. We previously, we use Github desktop to sync the code into a server. Since the old robotic C uses .c file format, we had no problem with putting different codes together by just using the built-in function of Git. Git doesn’t interpret the .vex file so we have to manually copy past into a single .vex file if any of us is working on the same thing. This file structure allows git to resolve the issues automatically and provides everyone who is working on the project the most updated version of the code.

You are more than welcome to add improvement to this project.
If there is any question, feel free to email us: [email protected]

Did you link the Github repo?

xD I forget. It’s on now.

Also I was curious if you had seen this before

Hey, I love this idea and I tested it out and I have 2 questions:

  1. Does this allow us to add more files to the .vex file or are we just stuck with the base two?
  2. I can get the decode to work but I can’t get the convert to a .vex to work, any sugestions? I’m running the lastest version of Pyhton and using Atom as my IDE. The Progress says it is replacing the file inside json and gets stops there.
  1. Everything in code folder will be add into .vex
  2. The concert to .vex require a existed vex file, if it stuck, maybe the file is occupied by other software