Open Suggestion regarding "Non Functioning Camera"

As an Event Partner, I am looking for opportunities to improve the experience of audiences and teams at my events. Live streaming events from static camera positions is neat, but I have always wanted to project to the audience a view from the perspective of a robot. We now have the ability with Go pros, Sharkbyte/DJIFPV, and Mobile Phones to stream HD video easily from a small camera directly to the audience display.

If the rules were changed to allow cameras at the discretion of the EP to be shown to the audience, what are the potential ramifications of attaching and displaying FPV video feed to the audience?

Also, it should be noted that with vexnet on 2.4 GHz, you can get many video transmission systems that are 5.8 GHz.


As a student this would be epic
I know they do this sometimes in battlebots and I would definitely make room on my robot for a small camera


Wait that’s sick, can’t believe I never thought of this before

Honestly PLEASE do something like this VEX

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Teams might be annoyed they have to mount cameras on their bots when they never designed for that.

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Only issue I can see is signal crowding. You also should just make sure that drivers can’t see the feed, because they might be able to use the camera to be more exact with positioning or to get a better view of what is going on with something like their claw in the opposite corner of the field.


I always get twitchy when roboteers stick a $800 phone inside their robot to drive around. Having to explain to a parent how the phone got broken would not be fun.

I also worry about teams going "well we lost the match because the EP stuck a camera on our robot.

On the other hand, I think if you could get a few robots to mount the cameras and then play a practice match or two would be an awesome way to capture the “robot eye view” of the game to make a great intro video to play.