Opening Dev Tools on VEXcode

I am trying to open Dev Tools (or a least load my own JavaScript) on VEXcode (not VEXcode pro) to add my own dark theme and customize a few things but I have been unable, I noticed the resources.pak file contains JavaScript but when I edit it VEXcode no longer opens I assume due to a checksum or something I have found out that VEXcode uses nwjs a framework for writing node.js apps for desktop if anyone has any ideas that would be awesome,.


Dark theme should just be made standard


I know that you can pass command line arguments to the executable for nwjs (and maybe some chrome args too?). I tried opening dev tools with the correct options, but from what I remember, the dev tools are just completely stripped out of the executable altogether from when I tried it a while ago. The most I could do was log and dump traffic network from it, so I think you’re out of luck unless you can figure out how to customize the pak or maybe run it inside of your own browser on localhost somehow.

I wish that the tools were just open source tho. No point in keeping them closed, and people obviously want to customize and improve the stuff.

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