OpenSource Game Simulation Release

Hey everyone,

I read a thread about a 3D Simulation for the 2014 Tossup game about an hour ago, and it reminded me of a program that Prem C. and I had been working on as a side-project during and for the In The Zone season. We were supposed to release this on April 1st, but stuff happened, so we ended up dropping it in the VToW discord on 4/20, and I completely forgot to release it on the VexForum. This was intended to be used as a visual tool for simulations of runs without a robot present, and we used it to help plan autons, driver practice, strategy, and more. We’re pretty proud of it, so it’d mean a lot if you guys checked it out.

It was written solely in Java and is completely open-source (with extensive in-line documentation), and is surprisingly stable with almost every feature we could think of.

The Feature List Includes:

  • XBOX controller compatibility*
  • Easy usability including:
  • Mobile Goal Intake Toggle
  • Autostack Toggle for Mobile Goal and Stationary Goal Stacking
  • Hotkey Based Match Mode Switching
  • Up to 4 Robots playing at a time
  • User-customizable Robot specifications in the Robot Builder
  • RobotC Time-based Auton Code Generation from Re-run
  • User-creatable autonomouses (autonomi?) with Rerun​
  • Automated Tournament Manager​
  • CPU/RAM statistics in real time
  • 5 unique modes
  • Score Counter in real time
  • Native Screenshots​​
  • Time-Based Automatic "Dark Mode"​​
  • Match Sounds (yay)

All it is a .jar file to install, hosted on Google Drive so all of you untrustful boiz can use its inbuilt virus-checker. Check out the site for the instruction wiki, GitHub link, and more:

Of course, this sim isn’t too useful right now, but as the code and documentation are all open, it might help out anyone that wants to adapt this to the Turning Point game.

Some screenshots:

Thanks a ton,
Sid (5776)

NOTE: The program was developed with Java 8, so if it doesn’t run at first, you might want to check to see if you have Java 8 or a higher version installed.

does it work on a Mac? I have the .jar?

Yes, since Java works on Mac.

You have to install Java. Then open the JAR file with Java.

I downloaded java, but still can’t open it…?

Probably restricts opening applications from unknown developers, go to security in settings and authorize the application.

I get a java exception error when trying to run (windows 7) (JNI error)

I passed the security part but it still doesnt work

is it an executable file

how do I open it “with java”?

that doesnt work, it says it cant open properly

@tanigross @Riley The program was developed in Java 8, so I feel like that might be the issue if you don’t have 8 or a higher version installed. Can you check what version of Java you have and update if possible?

I updated just before I installed it @bid.p

Are you on Mac? @Riley

No. Windows 7 PC

Java 8 update 171

Can anyone confirm if it works for them?

@bid.p @tanigross @Riley I just did some testing, and here are my findings:

The downloadable JAR is compiled for class file version 53.0. Java Runtime Environment 8 (current version on as of the time of this post) only supports up to class file version 52.0.

Java Runtime Environment 9 or newer is required for class file version 53.0.

I installed Java 10.0.1 and the JAR opened correctly.

Official download link:

I Got it to work and it’s pretty cool, great job. The only thing is, it only shows like 75% of the screen

That’s really awesome. Do you guys intend on creating one for this year?