Opinions/improvements needed?

can anyone suggest anyway to make my robot better, i’m not sure what to improve or change. if anyone can help with my slapper as it is not working like the videos i have seen, that would be helpful

I would add some pneumatic wings to it (there are plenty topics on the forum as to how to do this) along with some wedges. Plus, on your second image that 1x5 c-channel seems to be… more flexible than it should.

Also, try and put those rubber bumpers so that the circle end hits the triball directly. But as to help you, what is wrong with your slapper? Is it lacking range, arc weird, triball bounces too much, etc? (I would add 1 or two more bands to it though, seeing as it only has 2 currently).


We are currently working on pneumatic wings, but our space doesn’t seem to fit pneumatic systems, or we are just not sure how to. This is also our whole school’s first year of purchasing pneumatics so it is very new, and with one week left till regionals, we are trying our best to figure it out.

The rubber bumpers that I had done were a prototype, as I had seen many high school teams with a design that looked like it, but I never got a close view so I tried to think of how it would work myself.

For our slapper, it is more of a dangerous design, as my teammates have gotten bruises and scars from the surface area it is hitting. I wanted to figure out any suggestions on where we could move around our current design, to create an effective, but slim and compact version, on account of our one week left for regionals. I’ll try to find a video of us shooting so you can better understand how it works. Also, since we have only 1 torque motor, it lets us shoot with only 3 rubber bands for some reason. I have seen other teams shoot for 4 or 5, but our motor can’t reel back, after a point, it just stops and pauses itself. Our code has nothing wrong with it, so I’m not sure what is going on with it.

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Something quick you can do is add a wedge to the back of your robot to help push triballs over the bar fast and easy.

Just remember that safety is everything. S1 states

“Be safe out there. If at any time the Robot operation or Team actions are deemed unsafe or have damaged a Field Element or Triball, the offending Team may receive a Disablement and/or Disqualification at the discretion of the Head Referee. The Robot will require re-inspection as described in rule before it may take the field again.”

I would definitely recommend gloves, but also you can code the slapper to shoot slower so that your teammates have time to place the triball without getting hit.

On the topic of power though, it looks like you’re running a 3:8 ratio which is about 37.5 rpm. I would recommend using a pinion to run 1:6 (20 rpm). If you can’t shave down the metal pinions to make a slip gear I would recommend either running a 1:3:8 (12.5 rpm) or a 1:3:6 (20 rpm).


Thanks for the consideration. Should I have it all the way touching the bottom of the field, or should I have it elevated just a little bit?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any of the small metal gears and can’t buy any because of our time frame left for regionals. Is there any way I can shave my current gear, or use another 36-tooth gear and shave that down? I’m also not sure how many teeth to shave down as I’m not great with ratios.

With the safety issue, I have asked my mentors to order rubber gloves for better grip on triballs, and allow for protection while loading.

One more thing I was wondering if we could accomplish elevation. I was thinking of putting a cylinder which retracts back and drops a bar in the middle of the robot. I’m not sure where to put pneumatics, as we have limited space inside the robot. and at the back of the robot.

Elevate it a bit so that you aren’t damaging the field (just barely)

I think the main issue with your slapper is the rubber bumpers on standoffs. You have mounted those parallel to the slapper’s arm which doesn’t follow through the triball very much. I would rotate those standoffs with rubber bumpers 90º. I would also test different lengths of standoff and different positions, where the rubber bumper first contacts the triball can affect the shot arc and power a good amount.

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I’ll bet you a dollar the motor is overheating.

To “improve” your bot… add to the code so that it displays the motor amps/wattage and temp to the brain. Track this. Work to lower the temp, and document the procedure, data, and results.

Tada! Your robot is better, and now you have a nice notebook entry as well.

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how to i make these wings better

currently, any pressure on the cylinder is easily able to be pushed back by light force

Either make locking wings or switch to vertical wings.

However, this is also a significant build issue.
That screw should not be cantelivered like that. As it is it is already bending, and I can imagine how much it bends pushing triballs over the barrier.
I would move that 3 c-channel between that drivetrain c-channel (where the red box is) and put the screw where the grey stick is. That way that outer c-channel on your drivetrain helps support both ends.
Something like this:

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Here are some things that you can try:

  1. A locking mechanism controlled by the piston (this is hard to get right)
  2. Vertical wings these do not give at all and are not going to close from a push of a triball
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Make a locking system for your wings or switch to vertical wings.

Unfortunately, we dont have enough time to create or design vertical wings in time for our regional competition this Saturday and Sunday. If anyone can give a model of a design that could FIT onto our robot, that would be helpful. We are also not sure how to create locks so if someone could give a diagram or CAD model and explain it instead of just giving a video, that would be nice.

Might want to switch half motors to full motor and use thick axel instead of thin axel for intake, as the axel seems to be bending. (your second picture).
Here is a picture of what I’m talking about:

BTW, this is not my CAD model, here is the link if you want to check out the rest of the assembly:

Yeah, we were meaning to get high strength axles but in the few days we have left, we can’t order anything in time, but I understand. Is there anything else I could improve in general?

you could create a simple a tier endgame with one piston.
Here is a picture of how you could do it:

on the robot:

start by finding the center of balance on your robot by balancing it on the pole.
Then build a contraption like the one above to drop a c-channel. That is the endgame. You might want to practice driving and dropping the endgame then hanging. It’s tricky.
This is also not my CAD, the link is here:

It’s jank, it doesn’t close all the way (about 2 in out), but it kinda works. Just posted it here until someone puts something better (I highly encourage you to modify it and make it better.

If you don’t already have endgame, I would add standoffs to the back of the puncher for a passive hang. This might not work if it is not balanced, but it has worked for us. I’m excited to see you in regionals.