Opponent's goal on your platform

Can you put the other team’s mogo on your platform? If you do, who gets the points?

I don’t think there’s any rule against this, but keep in mind the rings can’t be descored when doing that. Also, the mogo itself doesn’t count towards points, but I think the rings on it do.

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you can, but it isn’t worth any points to anyone for being elevated. Rings on it still count, and if you do this, be mindful not to descore any rings your opponent has scored.

The only reason I can think of doing this for is to keep an opponent’s goal away from them in the last 30 seconds, but it’d be a bigger point swing for you if you put one of your goals or a neutral goal up there instead.


The rings on the alliance mogo are always scored by the corresponding alliance no matter where the goal is located. “I think…” is productively replaced with an “I read…” and a link to the corresponding rules in the manual. Competition Overview - Competition - V5 - VEX Robotics Maybe even a relevant excerpt. e.g. see “correct” here.
on page 14 and reiterated here along with specification about rings on alliance goals.
on page 18. I think it’s genuinely worth reading every sentence in the rules three times each to make sure they sink in.


You can put their mogo on your platform. However, the mogo itself is worth 0 points for anyone. The rings scored on it are scored for the alliance whose color corresponds with the color of the mobile goal.