Opponent's match loads

I know that this sounds weird but a student asked me at the last tournament if you can reach over and take cones from your opponents’ stack of match loads. Of course they wanted me to show them where it is in the manual/forum that you cannot do this but the only thing that I saw was that you cannot remove an opponent’s cone from their autoloader once it is on there. Can somebody point this rule out to me so I can show them that although it is good to think outside of the box (or field in this case) it is not allowed? Thanks

Always look to SG section of the rules for answers to such questions:

It appears he’s asking about match loads stacked near the field, but not on it. So that rule doesn’t cover it precisely.

The only thing I could find is that note in <SG3>. I assume it would mean that the match loads are not in play until a drive team member puts in on the Loader.

Also, you always have to pay attention to this rule.

Under <SG3>, Match load cones are not “in play” until placed on the Autoloader. This, to me, would imply that the match loads outside the field are NOT fair game.

I thought I had pasted both the note and part a. oh well. That’s what I get for quickly posting between classes.

I would also consider this very dangerous and would call for extra scrutiny under <S1>.

Thanks for the responses. I can always count on the forum for closing potential loopholes and providing the correct documentation as to the rules and more importantly where to find the right rule for the situation.

I mean this is sort of how you start fights in robotics… which is what we don’t want.

Looking at the field setup, I also don’t see how someone could easily stay in their area and reach across a bunch of driveteam members from the other alliance to get at the cones over by the loader… isn’t that 4+ feet or so? Maybe the other team had stacked up the cones and put them closer to the corner where the alliance stations meet for some reason?