Opponents’ platforms

There is a certain strategic advantage to preventing an opponent from parking, so are we allowed to interact with the opposite alliances’ platform?

You cannot push them off of it or anything without extreme care, as they are still protected by <G12> (which covers destruction, damage, tipping over, and Entanglement), but it looks like (after autonomous of course) you can sit on it provided you don’t violate <SG10> (grappling). That being said, sitting on an opponent’s alliance park platform would certainly qualify as a ‘solely defensive strategy’, so you would waive your own protection of <G12>.

Of course an official Q&A would always be a good idea to be sure (once it’s available).

If sitting on top of the opponents platform waives g12 and contesting middle waives g12. Would launching an offense from the opponents platform onto the middle platform waive g12?

From my understanding, as long as you’re interacting with the Middle Platform in any attempt to park on it, you’re waiving <G12>, as the wording of Note 1 is quite vague: