OPPORTUNITY division reveals, middle school

I am doing the same thing as roboraven91, but for the middle school OPPORTUNITY division.

For the convenience of team scouting, I’ve created this thread for all OPPORTUNITY division teams to post your reveals in.

If you’re an OPPORTUNITY division team, feel free to post info on your team/bot, or a reveal video below. :):):slight_smile:

Here’s our video that shows our robots evolution through the whole year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPkcwh351CE

Hi, I’m from 9605A: Down Cellar Laboratories. I don’t have a video (sorry), but here is a description of my robot:

Up to six skyrise sections.
Can hold one cube and one skyrise section at the same time.
Can score on medium and short posts.
12 point skyrise autonomous (robot stationary, uses arm).
4-6 point cube autonomous.
5 bar lift + linear chain drive at top.

Would you mind posting a picture of your lift? The concept seems pretty interesting, and I’m curious how you made that work. Also, I’m guessing you meant 6 bar?

I have pictures and videos from four months ago…

But here are my specs:
Name: 32A Tachyon
Iffy 12 point skyrise autonomous
6 point post side autonomous
7 skyrises in about one minute from scratch… maybe less with practice
about 39 robot skills
3:35 DR4B
Effective cube scoring up to 5 skyrises
4 motor direct drive, 4 inch omniwheels.
Effective one cube intake, maybe two cubes, but it’s a bad idea.
That’s about it.

Do you mean 35:3? If not I really want to see this because our arm is geared 7:1 and that’s pretty fast for us. Thanks.:wink: Also I’d like to add; really good robot, see you at worlds

We just disagree about whether the driven should be first or second. No big deal. Thanks do the kindness, because I feel that you have the better. See you at worlds!

I might be using the wrong terminology. I don’t have a picture of my current robot right now, but here is a picture from about two months ago. My current manipulators are much different than the ones shown in the picture, but it will give you a basic idea of how my lift works. Sorry if you can’t see the chain drive mechanism very well. I will try to post a better picture of my current robot sometime before words.