Opportunity Division Reveals


Our Team, 3946R, will be releasing our worlds reveal soon. You can also find our teaser thread <here>. If any other team from the opportunity division would like to share their robot or club, please feel free to share it here!


Our team, 56G, who is also in opportunity, will be releasing our reveal sometime in the coming week. Just to give you a heads up. :slight_smile:


I’m Opportunity…


Awesome! Can’t wait to see it!


What is your team number?


2775J, it says so to the right of my username.


56G Teaser (had some roller issues, fixed it now)
Click Me
Full reveal soon (probably this weekend.)


Cool! Can’t wait for the full reveal!


Just had a scrimmage with the 8068 teams.
They are beasts this year… watch out for them! :slight_smile:


Our reveal is here! You can find it in the following thread.
Kent Denver Robotics 3946


We are also Opportunity Division. Our Teaser Thread is right here:

3671C Teaser Trailer


Is 8068D a skills-only robot? Just curious :slight_smile:


Of course not. They are more than combat-ready.


Oh good I’m against them