Opposite direction drive (turn controller left it goes right)

I just wanna make sure i dont mess it up because we like regular turns instead of oppisite direction. Any like motor examples?

Are you using Driver Control or custom code?

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Driver Control 20 characters

Actually, you can’t really mess up how you put in the motors (put them in anyway you like) because if you go to driver control>configure> then you can make individual motors change which direction they spin.


Oh ok tysm! (20 char)

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Question: Did you try this and the motor was spinning in the wrong direction or were you pre-emptively asking? By saying “I just wanna make sure I dont mess up” it makes me think you didn’t try it first.

Try it.

Mess up.




One team at my school last year liked using the front bumpers on the controller to drive. Don’t ask me how they did it, but they went to state so it musta worked.

Some Chinese teams use the F buttons to turn left and right. It seems to work for them as many of them get to worlds. I have never tried it though.